Friday, May 8th, 2020

Home Work City

Assignment: study on live-work typologies
Year: 2020
Client: Delft Architectural Studies of Housing (DASH)
Eireen Schreurs with Dick van Gameren, Frederique van Andel, Dirk van den Heuvel, Olv Klijn, Annenies Kraaij, Paul Kuitenbrouwer, Harald Mooij, Pierijn van der Putt,  Hans Teerds, Jurjen Zeinstra


In today’s service economy, the functional zoning typical of modern urbanism is no longer self-evident. People’s domestic and professional lives increasingly take place in one and the same domain. They need a different type of city, one that accommodates a wide variety of programs, with tailormade facilities that allow combinations of living, working and care. This issue of DASH focuses on the building block as the spatial cornerstone of this development. It is where the individual dwelling, the collective domain, and urban life meet. Eireen Schreurs was co-author of the editorial and wrote an article on the Dutch weaversblock.


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